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In 1987, the Microsoft PowerPoint 1.0, mainly created by Dennis Austin, was released for Macintosh computers. 30 years later, this software has become one of the most influential software but caused the most complaints.

Every day, over 1,000,000 business presentations are taking place worldwide. When you are reading this article, 350 PowerPoints (hereinafter referred to as PPT) are being presented at the same time.

In the Office software, PPT plays a role in layout tool and design tool. We use it to create a presentation document, to turn tedious text into visualized diagrams and simplify the complex information.

ppt master

However, most of us have problem in designing PPT. When encountering long paragraphs of text, the only thing we can do is copy-and-paste. The dense text, messy layout and incongruous color scheme make the slide a terrible A4 paper.

PPT example of financial/consulting industry

PPT example of financial/consulting industry

PPT example of IT industry

PPT example of IT industry

In the era of information explosion, our lives are invaded by various information, thus making it hard for us to pay attention.

In the workplace, we need to get information in minimum time. Executives have to read at least three regional sales plans on a 2-hour fight; in the meeting room of a Grade III Level A hospital, a salesman has to complete the product presentation of medical products within half an hour; Startups are only given 8 minutes to finish a road show…

Unlike Word, PPT is often used for graphical expressions. To maximize the value of presentation, we need to focus on information design.

ppt master 4 ppt master 6

To make a stunning PPT, designers are more willing to design pages one by one using familiar AI or PS and then import them into PPT. Not the mention the vivid, easy-to-understand and attractive information diagrams which seems can only be created with professional design software.

Microsoft often highlight its products‘ achievements using expression of data visualization, which is more vivid and powerful than the text.

ppt master 7

Experienced designers will make good use of icons. They can create stunning slides just by combining numbers. Therefore, collecting materials has become the designer’s daily routine.

I’d like to recommend you a super handy PPT design tool, iSlide. It has several useful features to help designers quickly create visualized expressions.


islide 1

1.Built-in 160k+ free icons

After successful installation, you can see iSlide menu bar at the top of your PowerPoint software interface.

islide 2

Log in to iSlide and click [Icon Library] to directly search for free icons.

In addition, any shape inserted in the PPT can be replaced with vector icon.


This is a PPT report about the living conditions of post-90s generation. By adding icons, we can highlight the theme and make it more attractive.

islide 4 1


If you know you can press “F4” key to repeat the previous step in PPT, you will be able to easily create the following slides after finding the appropriate icons.



iSlide has Matrix Layout feature, allowing you to create your desired matrix layout even if you are not familiar with PPT.


2.Editable “Smart Diagram’‘

Online media has paid close attention to the value of information diagrams. Sohu’s “Philosophy of Digits” has become a representative of information graphics.


Now, the design of powerful information diagrams no longer relies solely on AI, PS, and we can easily create them using PPT.

iSlide has preset many customizable diagrams in [Smart Diagram].


3.Great for layout


Originally designed for animation, Tween is also perfect for layout. You can use it to create a gradient background, overlaying characters and more.


Designed by @Simon_阿文


Designed by @Simon_阿文

Smooth Transition

If you want to make a [Variant] animation but you haven’t upgrade to Office365, you can try iSlide’s Smooth Transition.


Designed by @qinyang

Smart Layout

Crop pictures in batches. Coupled with Matrix Layout, it allows you to make a stunning photo wall in a minute. Besides photo wall, you can make thousands of layouts. Just unleash your imagination and creativity.

islide18 1


Join image in a snap

Join Image is another useful feature. You can splice PPT slides and export to a long picture. Moreover, you are allowed to adjust the spacing and layout and add text watermarks. This feature is convenient for designers. To export a long picture, you don’t need to export pictures one by one and stitch them together in the PS.


There are a lot of infographics displayed on iSlide website. You can download the source file.

PT is a highly recognized software and was widely used in the workplace. The iSlide plug-in can turn PPT into a more convenient and easy-to-use design tool to create more stunning presentation and infographics.

Download iSlide here

【Note】: iSlide is free to download and use the whole resources of Icon Library and Picture Library. Just install, log in and go. But if you want to use the premium resources in other libraries, you need to upgrade to Premium. It is $79/year now.

iSlide provides a coupon code: 2gszsa specially for the users of Just Free Slides. Enter this code when buying the yearly premium plan, and you will get an extra 3 months of premium subscription. That is, you just pay $79 to subscribe iSlide Premium for 15 months.

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