Business Plan Free Keynote Theme

Business Plan Free Keynote Theme, you can use it for business plan, startup, company introduce, agency, business report, pitch deck.

This Business Plan Free Keynote Theme contains 24 unuque slides:

  • Intro – A brife description of your business
  • Company portfolio – Use numbers to showcase your company’s achievements
  • Our team – Show your team
  • What we do – Show your main business
  • Clients feedback – use clients feedback to show your great product and services
  • Portfolio – Show your product or service
  • World map – Show your business area or team distribution
  • China map



  1. Well I can’t find the password, I’m clearly doing something wrong, and referring back to the website constantly is not helpful. I’ve lost about 20 minutes trying to figure this out.

  2. Sorry, ignore last comment, but I will say: thank you for the download, it’s gorgeous, but whoever chose to make that the password wasn’t thinking. I obviously misentered it the first time, but I’m normally a skilled typist. It (admittedly arrogantly) didn’t occur to me I may have misentered it, so I assumed there was somewhere on the site I just couldn’t see. Just make the password “password” or drop the “.com.” It’s confusing!

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