Top 6 Creative Google Slides Themes for Your Presentation

If you work in the creative field, you know how important it is to correctly visualize information and design images, photos, and other objects. And although this work requires you to be creative, you need to have a lot of skills and knowledge to get a quality result. This problem is often encountered when creating presentations. Since this type of presentation of information is one of the most effective in terms of containing several different data, it is not an easy task to work on slides. The color palette, font size, your identity, and many other aspects must be kept in mind all the time. Therefore, we offer you several ways to simplify this process.

Tips to make it easier to create a presentation:

1. Work with the information first.

Even before starting to choose the desired design, you should pick all the information that will be included in the presentation. Create a document in which you add and edit the desired text and photo. This will give you a general idea of ​​what kind of graphics to use, which graphs and charts will work, and how many images to include. With a ready-made structured text, it will be easier and faster to design the rest of the slide.

2. Get inspiration from the right resources.

Choose any platform with templates or examples of ready-made presentations and follow the ideas embodied there. Perhaps you will be able to find an interesting implementation of your idea there, or you will come up with something original after analyzing the ready-made options. You can start with this platform: MasterBundles because here you can be inspired not only by presentations but also by other graphic elements, fonts, and images.

3. Prepare and think over the key points before starting work.

It is difficult to remember all the important points and not to forget them while diving into work on the presentation. In order not to miss something important, write down the main requirements and wishes for the final result before starting work. Choose in advance the color scheme, sizes, and types of fonts, photos, and types of graphic elements. This will keep your presentation process structured and help you be more consistent and organized in your work.

4. Use ready-made solutions.

Making a presentation from scratch is time-consuming and not always effective. Therefore, we recommend using ready-made graphic elements, patterns, or entire templates. Do not be afraid that your presentation will not be unique or boring, because there are many templates and the possibilities of their editing are even more. There are more than 700 ready-made solutions here alone, and this is just one of the categories within one platform. Feel free to use templates and get an effective design result.

5. Allow enough time.

You should not count on the fact that it will be possible to make a perfect presentation in an hour. This process requires a lot of effort and work. If we take into account the preparatory stage, we recommend leaving at least a few hours for this task. This amount of time will be enough for searching and systematizing information, thinking about the appearance of the finished result, the actual design, and correcting process.

Among these tips, we offer to dwell on the topic of templates. Many people are skeptical about this way of visualizing information because there is a risk of getting a copy of a ready-made idea. However, it should be remembered that each template could be modified according to personal needs. There is also a great variety of ideas and solutions in the world of templates. There are more than 50 potential options in the creative category and there are about a hundred such categories. The chance of choosing the same template as your competitors and changing it, in the same way, is almost impossible. Therefore, catch a selection of cool options that are ideal for use in the creative field.

6 creative templates for presentations for Google Slides

Podcast Colorful Presentation Template

Podcast Colorful Presentation Template

This is a colorful design template that you can use for any purpose. The author suggests using them for the design of a podcast, but such slides are suitable for any creative project. The template is minimalist and at the same time very stylish thanks to the interesting color scheme. By the way, you can choose the colors to your taste by choosing among 4 color themes. The set includes three different templates, so the number of slides will be enough for a long time. 

OBNOXION-Bundle Presentation Pack

OBNOXION Bundle Presentation Pack

Another great template set that includes 3 different pre-made options. All slides can be customized with three color schemes, a variety of text and image layouts, and a selection of free fonts. The bundle includes a Device Mockup & Icon Set, which will make your presentation even easier to complete. The template can be used for product presentations, events, catalogs, and lookbook creation.

XGDRAGON Bundle Presentation Pack

XGDRAGON Bundle Presentation Pack

This set of templates is created in a restrained minimalist color palette with black and red as the dominant colors. Each slide is designed in detail by the designer in a modern style. The template has many graphic elements that are easy to edit and customize. The presentation supports three types of files: PPT & PPTX, Keynote, and Google slide, as well as Full HD format (1920×1080 Pixel). This bundle has many positive reviews and a good price & quality ratio. 

HARUKAZE | Pastel Google Slide


It is a versatile template with effective functionality and excellent design visual solutions. The slides are made in pastel colors that can be easily changed within 5 interesting color schemes. All icons are vector, so you can modify not only their size but also their shape. Four types of universally recommended fonts are available in the presentation so that the final result is even more personalized. The template also provides a Drag and Drop function for convenient adding of your photos.

Ayano – Fashion Google Slide Template

Ayano – Fashion Google Slide Template

This template consists of 40 interesting, well-designed slides in two stylish colors. The size and shape of all graphic elements can be easily changed as desired. Only free fonts are used and recommended in the presentation, so you will not have to pay for them additionally. The page with this product includes examples of its presentation on different devices, so you can easily imagine the final result in action. If you work in a creative agency or studio and create a portfolio, then this template will be perfect for your needs.

Calista Bundle Presentation Template

Calista Bundle Presentation Template

Let’s finish our selection with a great set that includes 3 full-fledged templates for different editors. This option is ideal for marketing purposes to present a new product or service in a very creative way. There is also a function of automatic color change on all slides within 5 color schemes. The template offers special effects for your slides, such as animated transitions and circular text. This will make the final result as unique as possible and not similar to the presentations of others.


A creative field like no other requires a unique approach to information visualization. That is why workers in this field rarely prefer conventional templates in order not to lose their personal or company style. However, to make it easier for yourself to create a presentation in the creative field, you can turn to highly functional templates with a wide range of editing options. In this way, you can get a unique result and save time for other tasks.

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