Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ About Free Infographic Templates

  • Why do we need to use infographic slides?

    Infographics help your message stick in people's minds better than words. They're also perfect for sharing online, making your ideas go viral.

  • What’s included in this collection of free infographics templates?

    The free infographics template collection includes over 600 templates. In addition to basic information graphics such as timelines, roadmaps, puzzles, 3D charts, flow charts, and maps, it also includes infographics tailored for various industries and fields such as social media and marketing. This expanding collection has been created to make it easier for beginner designers to create presentations.

  • What benefits will I get from using infographic templates?

    By using the infographic templates, you can save time and resources, and be more efficient and effective in growing your business. Not only this, we’ve designed our templates to be eye-catching so that any that are shared with clients/potential clients are bound to impress. 

  • Are the templates customizable?

    Yes, the templates are customizable to meet the specific needs of your presentation. Colors can be changed to suit your presentation’s color scheme.