How to convert Keynote to Google Slides?

First of all, we have to tell you that you can’t convert Keynote to Google Slides directly. However, you can convert Keynote to PowerPoint, and import PowerPoint to Google Slides.

Convert Keynote to PowerPoint #

In Keynote, click [file] > [Export To] > [PowerPoint…]

convert keynote to powerpoint

Choose the file formate: .PPTX

export your presentation 1

Input the file name and where it is to save

key to pptx 1

Click Export, and it’s done.

import PowerPoint to Google Slides #

Login to your Google account, in Google Slides, create a new presentation, click [File] > [Import slides], and upload the Keynote files that have been exported to PowerPoint format.

import slides

After uploading, select all slides, then click [Import slides].

You can also select part of the slides.

import all slides to Google Slides