Free 8 Point Infographics for PowerPoint (20+ Slides)

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Free 8 Point Infographics for PowerPoint (20+ Slides)

Free 8 Point Infographics for PowerPoint, Google Slides, and Keynote

Speed up your design process with this 8-point infographics collection. It's one of the biggest collections of eight-point PowerPoint infographics. It's packed with 20+ beautiful 8 key point ppt diagrams. Each slide is designed with love. These key point diagrams are easy to customize and personalize with your own data and information. Now, choose from a variety of slides, and take your presentation to the next level.


  • 20+ modern 8-step infographic slides
  • Different styles: flat, puzzle, circle, arrow, with icons
  • 100% editable (color, border, size, etc)
  • PPTX file included, compatible with Google Slides
  • Free download

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