Free Key Highlights Slides Templates (5 Slides)

Free Key Highlights Slides Templates (5 Slides)

Free Key Highlights Slides Templates

If you want to summarize the features of your product or services or highlight the accomplishment of a company, a highlights slide template is a splendid solution. The Key Highlights Slides Template is intended to help you demonstrate the business goals and impress the clients.

The free key highlights slides templates consist of 5 unique highlights PowerPoint slide designs.

  • The first slide is a turtle diagram. It provides an illustration of 6 progress circle, spawning from a circular shape.
  • The second slide includes 5 connected circles. You can add important data inside each circle, such as profit data, user data, percentages, etc.
  • The third slide offers innovative ways to present data and information. It has a grid layout that allows you to highlight data in a clear way.
  • The fourth slide is an 8-item highlights PPT template. It's ideal for summarizing the features of the product, service, or any business.
  • The fifth slide is a simple key highlights slide design. If you are looking for a minimal slide template, it will be the best solution for you.

All in all, the key highlights slides template provides you with a variety of options. This ppt infographic template is what you can bank upon. So, give up the presentation that is packed with phrases, jargon, and unwanted data. Use our fantastic highlights ppt template, and impress your clients now.


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  • 100% editable
  • PPTX file included, compatible with Google Slides
  • Free download

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