Free Team Charter PowerPoint Template (3 Pages)

Free Team Charter PowerPoint Template (3 Pages)

Free Team Charter PowerPoint Template

A team charter clearly defines your goals, assets, and obstacles. It's an important document. In order to make your team more cohesive, it is necessary to publicize the team charter to team members. Hence, we designed this free team charter PowerPoint template.

Team Charter PowerPoint Template consists of 3 unique slide designs:

  • Team Charter PowerPoint Template
  • Roles and Responsibilities PowerPoint Template
  • Team Values PowerPoint Template

The first slide is an overview of the team charter. It includes mission and objectives, context, resources, roles and responsibilities, boundaries and potential roadblocks, and workflows and operations. You can also modify it according to your team charter. Moreover, we have highlighted some of the content in other colors to help your team members get the key point.

Roles and Responsibilities PowerPoint Template is a RACI matrix table designed to define who's responsible for what. It will help you to allocate roles and responsibilities for each task and activity.

Team values help create a shared understanding around how to work together and sets the tone for how to treat one another. Team Values PowerPoint Template is designed to present your team values in a clear way. It consists of four flat design cards with icons.


  • 3 slides team charter ppt template
  • 100% editable
  • PPTX file included, compatible with Google Slides
  • Free download

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