7 Free PowerPoint Game Templates for Team or Classroom

PowerPoint is one of the most effective and efficient tools when it comes to acing up your presentations and meetings. But did you know that this tool offers a wide range of templates that can be used to make fun and interesting games? 

This Microsoft tool helps you create slides and games which are easily customizable, engaging, and cover a lot of information. These gaming tools can be a great way to take a pause from your monotonous daily routine and engage with your team in a fun session. So, even if you cannot go for an Escape Room session to boost up team morale or relax your mind for a while, Microsoft Powerpoint games are there to serve as a backup! 

What are PowerPoint Game Templates?

PowerPoint game templates are specially designed sets of prototypes that are customized to fit any idea. These are free presentation templates that can be easily customized. This saves the user time to create a template of their own and work. 

What are PowerPoint Templates used for?

These templates are primarily used to simplify the task of the users. These slides can be a great way to make team meetings or class discussions fun. You can create your questions and customize the slides accordingly.  

The use of gaming templates helps in increasing the motivation of employees and students by engaging them in creative games. It also encourages a healthy spirit of competitiveness among the student. Involving your team in games can inculcate team bonding and test the wits of your team. 

Free PowerPoint Game Templates you must try

Here are some of the top free PowerPoint templates which can spice up your new game and make it more engaging: 

Wheel of Fortune from Games by Tim

Screenshot of Wheel of Fortune PowerPoint Game
Wheel of Fortune PowerPoint Game

This gaming template is perfect for old-school spin wheel lovers. You have to spin the wheel, use the puzzles and track the scores with the help of the Wheel of Fortune template. This template comes with an instruction setup that can be used by anyone. 

The realistic graphics, cool animation, and instructional video on the Website are also a great help for you. This is the perfect game to take you into nostalgia and have fun.  

Jeopardy PowerPoint Game Templates

Free Jeopardy Google Slides Templates for Classroom
Jeopardy PowerPoint Game Templates

Based on the real game, this is a great game that can be used for reviewing progress. Jeopardy can be played in a team or individually. You can get sleek graphics and themes with similar sound effects and theme songs.

Family Feud PowerPoint Game Template

Screenshot of Family Feud PowerPoint Game Template
Family Feud PowerPoint Game Template

This is another gaming template that has been derived from the traditional Family Feud game. You can use this template with your students, get realistic sound effects from the gameshow, and get great graphics resembling the TV gameshow. 

Wheel of Fortune from Youth Downloads

Wheel of Fortune from Youth Downloads
Wheel of Fortune from Youth Downloads

This template comes with a ton of bells, whistles, and tutorials. You get an insight into the crisp graphics and animations of this template. You also have access to realistic sound effects, including audience sounds, and a premade game. 

Deal or No Deal

Preivew of Deal or No Deal PowerPoint game template
Deal or No Deal

Each of these templates comes with premade sounds that can be manipulated easily. It also consists of a slide with all the game rules and a small help page for assistance in setup. You can easily edit this template.

Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? From Sctriton Science

Preview of Who Wants to Be a Millionaire
Who Wants to Be a Millionaire

This is another amazing PowerPoint game template that gives you 15 blank questions. You can add additional sound effects, play blank questions, or add some innovative sounds to make the game more fun. 

Cash Cab from Sctriton Science

Preview of Cash Cab PowerPoint Game
Cash Cab

With this template, you get a series of blank slides, questions, Red Light Challenge, and video Bonus Questions to use. You also get access to a series of slides, game instructions, an editable template, and ceiling animation like a TV show. 

PowerPoint offers a wide range of free templates, which are customizable and free. You can go for the pre-used ones or import one of your own. If you want more template options, check out our free presentation templates for PowerPoint and Google Slides.  

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