10 Must-See Designer and Freelancer Tools And Why You Need Them

Although 2019 is the year of undeniable digital progress, material promos are still popular. There’s no way to avoid real-life presentations if you are serious about your business. No matter what you gonna promote, no matter which business niche you cover, the result should be classy. In this post, I selected 10 top tools for designers and freelancers. Enjoy!

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Onfire PowerPoint Template

Onfire PowerPoint Template preview


At the outset, note that real-life presentations still matter. They require special attention as this type of promo is the best way to impress a would-be-investor. That’s why these days best PowerPoint presentation templates are popular. 

Following the statistic, PPT is globally used by more than 500 million people. And these users make over 300 000 presentations every day. For example, 6 million teachers use basic PPT presentations on a daily basis.

As you can see, PPT presentations can be used for different purposes, and one of them is promoting. Needless to say, not the PowerPoint presentations are cool or trendy. Still, when it comes to a business showcase, you do need to stand out from the crowd. That’s why I recommend you to take a closer at Onfire.

To make a long story short, this is a creative presentation template which has a minimalist design. The item comes for commercial enterprise, business, or personal use. Here is what you can see in the pack of Onfire.

  • 5 PPTX,
  • 30 unique slides,
  • 5 color schemes,
  • Picture Placeholder.

Nouva PowerPoint Template

Nouva PowerPoint Template preview


The same PPT statistics also say that today the average presentation lasts 4 minutes. Actually, it is more than enough time to introduce your ideas or guide the audience through your business plan. The thing is that the modern viewer prefers to get new information in a laconic way. What is more, this is the best way to introduce any kind of info. Just because it is easier to understand and remind things for people when information comes in a visual way.

Seeing that, would you like to craft a catchy PPT presentation? In this case, Nouva is just what the doctor ordered. This template has an unusual design which covers any business niche. Long story short, when using the product, you can do the following:

  • present the company’s timeline,
  • introduce your plans,
  • showcase new and previous projects, 
  • tell the history of your startup,
  • introduce team members,
  • show various statistics, and much more.

Polar PowerPoint Template

Polar PowerPoint Template preview


Back to the statistic, it also states that 47% of speakers surveyed claim their main task when designing presentations is to summarize complex information. People think that with it, it will be easier for the audience to digest the content. In other words, you should use only important information to get a successful presentation. Well, it is easy to do with the help of ready-made PPT templates, like Polar.

To start with, this PPT template is multipurpose. It means you can use Polar for many reasons, including business, commerce, and more. All the items inside the set are 100% versatile and easy-to-customize. You can change the settings the way you need without trouble, thanks to a creator-friendly design.

By the way, Polar comes with 5 eye-pleasing color schemes in the pack. You can choose the one which suits your business and get everything ready-made. Please note that the set contains vector-based files that are fully editable.

Henderson Resume Template

Henderson Resume Template preview


For many years resume remains a #1 way to introduce yourself. Although we live in digital times, a properly created CV is a must-have for those who look for attention. The good news is that there’s no need to waste time crafting resume nowadays. You can get a fresh, stylish CV by using resume templates. One of them is Henderson, and here is what you get with the product:

  • Two Page/Template Resume/CV,
  • One Page/Template Cover Letter,
  • Paragraph & Character Style,
  • Spot Color Design,
  • 100% Print-Ready Files, etc.

All the files inside Henderson pack are well-layered and Vector-based. It is easy to customize any details up to your taste. The sizes and colors are simple to change. Also, files come in the next formats:

  • Adobe Photoshop,
  • Adobe Illustrator,
  • Microsoft Word,
  • Apple Pages.

Anderson Resume Template

Anderson Resume Template preview


If you are looking for a quick way to design a CV and want it to be attention-grabbing… Well, this resume template is your must-see. So what should you know about the product? For starters, Anderson is a high-quality and print-ready template. It means you can use the item for various needs and create material designs with its help. Users of any skill levels can work with Anderson because of the simplicity of the template’s design. You won’t need any extra knowledge. 

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Sistec Banner Social Media Template

Sistec Banner Social Media Template Preview


When it comes to business promo, it is essential to follow the latest trends. You should know which colors to use and which images to choose to grab the attention of the audience. What is more important, you should know which SM platform to post on. In fact, there are 3.2 billion people who use SM every day, which makes 42% of the population. 

Just think of it! Your would-be-clients visit SM regularly and not only to chat with friends. Nowadays, it is a common way to get and transfer information. That is why you should keep an eye on new SM trends. Or you can look for professional social media templates, like Sistec.

The products included in the Sistec set are high-resolution and SM-ready. You can edit them in PS without a hitch.

MALINA Social Media Pack

MALINA Social Media Pack Preview


Without a doubt, MALINA is the next product to view out in case you need a superb design. This voguish set was created for SM so that the files inside MALINA are perfect for Facebook, Pinterest, etc. The images have an elegant, visually pleasing design. In addition, there are several calm color schemes to choose from. Plus, you have 20 inimitable pattent styles, free fonts, and much more.

Cover Design Social Media Pack

Cover Design Social Media Pack Preview


Are you the one who is searching for bright and modern SM designs? In this case, don’t miss Cover Design. Basically, this strikingly colored package has everything and anything you may want to use for a worthy SM promotion. For example, you get a web-ready design, quick color changer, YouTube templates, and more.

Corporate & Modern Word Multipurpose Certificate Template

Corporate & Modern Word Multipurpose Certificate Template Preview


When talking about ready-made promotional products, it is impossible not to mention certificate templates. With their help, you can craft the needed paper at the drop of a hat. To illustrate, here is a multipurpose product. It has both landscape and portrait orientation. There are 2 design layouts and 3 color styles you can choose from. All the files come in properly organized layers and layer groups. Besides, it is simple to change images via Smart Object feature.

Press Certificate Template

Press Certificate Template Preview


Last but not least, here is Press – a classy certificate template you can use in all government, non-governmental, and business establishments. As all the mentioned products, Press allows you to change file settings effortlessly. On average, you get 5 unique files that come in all common formats.

Final Thought

For today, these were all the ready-to-use promotional products I wanted to review. As you can see, in 2019, it is easy to introduce whatever you want to introduce. You can do it with the help of SM platforms, like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. Designers and freelancers don’t have to waste their time anymore. There are ready-made templates for any needs, so what are you waiting for?

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