Free Notion Skincare Database and Inventory Template

Free Notion Skincare Database and Inventory Template
Free Notion Skincare Database and Inventory Template, design by Luisa

Notion Skincare Database and Inventory Template

I have recently become very interested in self-care and skincare. As I started collecting more and more products, it became quite overwhelming to keep track of all of them — so I created this Notion skincare template. While this one if particular is for skincare, it could be adapted for other uses (e.g. makeup)

  • Skincare Database – I consider this to be the “master” database, containing products that I own, that I plan on owning, or that I have something to say about. Here, I would track the constant information for each product, such as: type, brand, expiration (months), cost.
  • Skincare Inventory – This database is only for products that I own — ideally, there is one entry for each one. This means that if I own two of one type of product, it should be entered in twice; otherwise, it wouldn’t be very useful in calculating the expiration date for each. Note that not all of the fields are entered manually; most is actually pulled from the master skincare database.
  • Routine – A good skincare routine should monitor exfoliation, masking, retinols, etc. to make sure none of it is overdone. This database gets its data from the skincare inventory and is assigned to a step in the routine, for which you can select day/night or the weekday to be done on. If there is no product selected for a particular step, it will say so as: “😔Don’t have one”

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