Free Voodoo Infographics Templates


Building your ANIMATED presentation from scratch has never been so easy. With “VOODOO” Presentation & Infographic, Vertical Presentation Template now you can create a powerful and professional deck with a striking design in just a few minutes instead of hours (or even days).

Free Bazz PowerPoint Keynote Template
Google 简报模板

Bazz 免费PPT和Keynote 模板

免费 Bazz PowerPoint 和主题演讲模板。从头开始构建您的动画演示文稿从未如此简单。现在,使用“BAZZ”演示和信息图表模板,您可以在几分钟而不是几小时(甚至几天)内创建一个功能强大且专业的甲板,其设计引人注目。

Epoch Free Keynote Presentation Template


Epoch Free Keynote Presentation Template 是一个企业主题演示文稿,用于以 Keynote 格式为投资者构建您的计划或宣传平台。这是适用于各种目的的正确商业计划演示文稿,例如:企业、商业、机构、工作室、组织、机构、投资组合、项目、启动,也可用于个人目的。无需使用任何其他软件。节省您的时间!

Free BLUEPRINT Presentation Template


蓝图信息图表模板是每个人的模板。它很小,很小,很容易编辑,没有什么复杂的。它包括各种类型的信息图,最多有 40 个独特的。这是构建演示文稿的方式。

Ash Presentation Template


Ash 演示文稿是最小的 Powerpoint、Keynote 和 Google 幻灯片模板/完全平滑动画/。 ASH PRESENTATION 模板现在您可以在几分钟而不是几小时内创建一个功能强大且专业的甲板,其设计引人注目。




Bundle 1 Presentation Keynote Template

10 个主题演讲模板,让您高效地度过周末

您知道吗,近一半的演讲者认为制作一个成功的演讲最难的部分是制作一个引人入胜的故事?好吧,您可以通过选择现成的产品来跳过这个问题。当今最好的 Keynote 模板带有预先设置样式的部分,用于放置您想要讲述的故事。包装中还包含什么?查看下面的选择以查看更多详细信息。

PARIS Free Keynote Template


新 PARIS 的演示是创建了多功能模板,该模板将满足最新的设计趋势,并且任何用户都可以非常轻松地自定义,而无需任何先前的 Keynote 知识。每张幻灯片都可以轻松调整以适应个人目标。此外,每位客户都将收到全新的 230 多个免费矢量图标集合,这些图标针对演示进行了调整。

Free Keynote Templates from Our Partner

FREE WaitMass Creative Business Professional Presentation

FREE WaitMass Creative Business Professional Presentation

Do you require something impressive and well-structured to update people on the status of your project? In this case, this up-to-date presentation template may meet your demands. In general, it features 40+ pre-designed slides for different purposes. You will also be ready to share infographics, so your viewers can perceive the presented info better. It will take you nothing to customize your presentation. There is no need to work with Adobe Photoshop or other image editors to make the desired changes.


  • 600+ vector icons;
  • 16:9 纵横比;
  • all graphs are editable.

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FREE NeoNic Creative Cyberpunk Professional Presentation

FREE NeoNic Creative Cyberpunk Professional Presentation

Together with striking and innovative presentation templates, you are free to catch the attention in a flash. Its futuristic design with neon colors is something that will make it possible for people to look away from the presentation. You can personalize its appearance according to your brand identity. There are many customizable options that make sure the presentation will stand out from the crowd. The package provides 40+ creative slides for a wide range of needs. In addition to this, you will get 600+ vector icons.


  • 16:9 纵横比;
  • fully-editable texts;
  • RGB 颜色模式。

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Keynote FAQ

苹果的 PowerPoint 叫什么?

Keynote. Keynote is a presentation software application developed as a part of the iWork productivity suite by Apple Inc. The latest version is Keynote 11.

如何将 Keynote 转换为 PowerPoint?

You can convert Keynote to PowerPoint: In Keynote, click [file] > [Export To] > [PowerPoint…] Choose the file formate Input the file name and where…

PC 可以打开 Keynote 演示文稿吗?

No, you need a mac. Keynote only can be installed in MacOS, if you use Windows or Linux, you can’t open the .key file.

可以在 PowerPoint 中查看 Keynote 讲演吗?

No, you need to convert Keynote presentation to PowerPoint.