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Notion 已成为全球最受欢迎的工具之一。它是一个强大的工具,可以帮助您写作、计划或组织您的思想。您可以以任何方式塑造 Notion,以构建所需的文档、工具和系统。

Notion模板 is a great function, you can explore and duplicate any page below with one click so you can make it your own! Notion offers many templates officially, but that’s not enough. Here is the 最佳免费概念模板 来改善你的生活。



In this collection, we list over 20 free Notion templates for you, whatever kind of a template you’re looking for – personal finance, health care, HR, habit tracker, someone out there has already built for you.

为什么要考虑使用这些 Notion 模板?

  • 自由 – all of these Notion templates are 100% free, which means you don’t need pay anything for them.
  • 审美的 – these templates have a cool design, it will keep your notes looking neat and pleasing.
  • 专业的 – our Notion templates are designed by experienced person.

#Notion 个人理财模板



Free Notion Saving Goals Tracker Template

概念 保存目标跟踪器模板, 由...设计 路易莎.

输入您的资金目标以及您目前拥有的金额 - 其余的都为您完成。作为一种有趣的方式来激励您进行储蓄。

2.Free Notion ETF 和股票再平衡器模板

Free Notion ETF and Stock Rebalancer Template

Notion ETF 和股票再平衡器模板, 由...设计 路易莎.

在您实现财务独立的过程中,根据您的未来计划调整您的投资组合至关重要。这个 概念 ETF 和股票再平衡器模板 将确保您的投资组合以您需要的方式平衡,确保您按计划实现财务目标。

3.Free Notion 预算管理模板

Free Notion Budget Manage Template

免费概念预算管理模板 可以帮助您管理预算,它包含 3 个数据库:

  • 交易 – A list of all transactions that you would like to keep a record of.
  • 分类 – Each transaction should have a category they belong to. I have added some commonly-used ones, but feel free to add your own — it won’t affect the set up.
  • 收款人– A list of payees or accounts where funds flow into or out of.

#Notion 健康模板

使用我们的 Notion 健康模板,您可以从任何设备轻松跟踪您的健康、护肤、情绪、健身目标和进展!

1.Free Notion Health Tracker 模板

Free Notion Health Tracker Template

Notion Health Tracker 模板,设计者 路易莎. 它包含 5 个独特的数据库来跟踪您的健康状况。

2.Free Notion Skincare 数据库和库存模板

Notion Skincare Database and Inventory Template

Notion Skincare 数据库和库存模板,设计者 路易莎. 

I have recently become very interested in self-care and skincare. As I started collecting more and more products, it became quite overwhelming to keep track of all of them — so I created this 概念 护肤模板。虽然这个特别适用于护肤品,但它可以适用于其他用途(例如化妆)


Notion Digital Mood Tracker Template

概念数字情绪跟踪器模板。 它包含2个数据库:

  • 2021 年色彩 – A place to keep track of your mood throughout the year. Should be a fun analysis at the end of the year, and give you a sense of how you’re doing emotionally.
  • 心情计数 2021 – The list of emotions you can pick from in the main database. By using relations to record your mood, we are also able to see an overview of the year by breaking down the number of times you felt a certain way by mood and my month.

如何使用 Notion Digital Mood Tracker 模板?

Notion Digital Mood Tracker Template

4.Free Notion Training Tracker 模板

Notion Training Tracker Template

Notion Training Tracker Template 是一个数据库,用于跟踪所有培训课程,包括休息时间、持续时间等。每次锻炼都是一个包含锻炼课程元信息的页面,包括计划、日期、休息时间、锻炼持续时间和难度等级。每个锻炼都包含另一个表格,其中包括带有代表、组数和重量的个人锻炼。

创建者: Stefan Imhoff

5.Free Notion Meal Planner 模板

Notion Meal Planner Template

膳食计划模板 was created by the Notion team. It lets you capture recipes and ideas for meals anytime, schedule them on a weekly basis, and generate a grocery list so you don’t forget anything. 

#Notion 学生模板

作为一个忙碌的学生,有作业、课程计划、俱乐部项目要处理,最大的麻烦之一就是将所有这些都放在一个地方,没有人愿意在 Canvas、Google Docs、Airtable、Google 幻灯片和您的收件箱之间切换夜晚。

因此,我们为学生收集了最好的 Notion 模板,将所有这些都组织在一个地方——这样你就可以专注于充分利用学校。

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1.Free Notion学生工作区模板

Notion Student Workspace Template

概念学生工作区模板, 由...设计 路易莎.它包含 5 个独特的数据库来跟踪您的生活。

  • 日程
  • 去做 
  • 讲师 
  • 资源 
  • 培训班 


Notion Notes and Notebooks Template

概念笔记和笔记本模板可以帮助您管理课堂笔记,它包含 3 个数据库:

  • 笔记本 – Composed of chapters.
  • 章节 – Composed of lessons.
  • 课程– The smallest unit in a notebook. Ideally, all of your content would live here, making the other databases useful for classification. Whichever tags you select for a lesson in this list will also be reflected in the chapter that it belongs to.


Notion Template: School Dashboard
概念模板:学校仪表板(由 sia 创建)


#Notion Bullet journal(布乔) 模板



Free Notion Bullet journal Template

这是一个强大的模板,可将您的子弹日记练习数字化。传统的子弹日记是在实体笔记本中进行的,但凭借 Notion 的强大功能和灵活性,您现在可以将您的子弹日记数字化,而不会丢失您的流程!管理年度、月度和日常任务,保留主数据库列表(喜欢做和阅读的列表),并在您的 Notion Bullet Journal 中进行每日评论!

#Notion HR & People Ops 模板

如果您是 People Ops 或 HR 负责人,您可以使用 Notion HR 模板构建一个高效的中央系统,用于新员工的入职和定位,以便他们快速提高工作效率。

1.Free Notion Recurring Events & Tasks 模板

Free Notion Recurring Events & Tasks Template

概念重复事件和任务模板,一个可以自动处理重复日期的模板,由 路易莎.


Employee Hiring System

概念员工招聘系统模板 由 Red Gregory 创建。它使用看板来管理管道,该模板使您能够组织新员工和空缺职位。它适合猎头或人力资源经理。


Notion Job Applications Template

概念工作申请模板 由路易莎创建。它使用看板来管理管道,模板使您能够组织工作申请流程,尤其是新毕业生。它包含4个数据库:

  • @应用程序 – Where every individual job application lives.
  • @公司 – The companies that you are applying to. Each application should be related to a company.
  • @人们 – Similarly, applications are also related to people. For example, referrals and recruiters should be included in your application entry.
  • @Action 项目 @Skill 要求 – A global database for skills and action items that are required for the positions you are applying for. Often, when entering them for each application, there are a lot of duplicates. Instead, it is simpler to create a global database for these and display the rows relevant to each specific application in the application page itself.

4.Notion 工作申请(由 Dix mille heures 创建)

Notion Job Applications (Create by Dix mille heures)
概念工作申请(由 Dix mille heures 创建)

Notion Job Applications 是一个 Notion 模板,用于跟踪您的工作申请。您可以使用它来管理您的投资组合、简历、求职信并跟踪您的工作申请。

#Notion 习惯跟踪器模板



Auto Habits (Free Notion Template)

Auto Habits 是一个免费的单页模板系统,可让您在 Notion 中跟踪多达 7 个习惯。您甚至可以将 Auto Habits 合并到您当前的仪表板/操作系统中。


Notion Habit Tracker
概念习惯追踪器(由 Easlo 创建)

此习惯跟踪器模板可以与 Integromat 集成,以每天自动创建您的习惯清单。

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自由职业者的 #Notion 模板


1.Notion模板:Instagram Planner和Calendar

Notion Template: Instagram Planner and Calendar
概念模板:Instagram 计划器和日历(由 Molly @ Notionology 创建)

Instagram 计划器和日历是一个概念模板,可帮助管理您的 Instagram 帖子。在模板中,有一些有用的提示和技巧来规划您的帖子。


Social Media Management Notion Template FREE



Notion Template: Blogging Manager
概念模板:博客管理器(由 Molly @ Notionology 创建)



跳过繁琐的 Web 开发人员,无需任何编码即可创建一个网站(为您自己或您的公司)。



Don’t know how to build a website? Use this Notion landing page template now! This free conversion optimized LP template can help you validate your idea, capture emails, or send them a purchase link.




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