Free SOAR Analysis PowerPoint Template (5 Slides)

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Free SOAR Analysis PowerPoint Template (5 Slides)

Free SOAR Analysis PowerPoint Template

This strategic planning SOAR analysis ppt template has five different design layouts. You can change the color scheme and shapes of the SOAR PowerPoint template. This SOAR analysis ppt template can be used to present the SOAR framework to your students.


  • Five slides SOAR model ppt template
  • 100% editable (color, border, size)
  • PPTX file included, compatible with Google Slides
  • Free download

What is a SOAR analysis?

"SOAR is a strategic planning framework with an approach that focuses on strengths and seeks to understand the whole system by including the voices of the relevant stakeholders.  SOAR conversations center on what an organization is doing right, what skills dould be enhanced, and what is compelling to those who have a 'stake' in the organization's success." 

(Stavros, J. & Hinrichs, G. (2009).  The thin book of SOAR:  Building strengths-based strategy.)

SOAR is an acronym standing for Strengths, Opportunities, Aspirations, and Results. The SOAR analysis provides a better vision to your business analysts.

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