Friendly Dashboard Notion Template

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Friendly Dashboard Notion Template

How Does It Work...?

  1. Provide Weekly Views and To-Do Lists
  2. Long Term and Short Term Goals
  3. Organize Goals with the ABCD Method
  4. A Notion Features Library Template by Joel Rochester
  5. Read and Do Not Forget Your Books by Writing the Book's Summary in the Literature Page
  6. A Master Calendar using the ABCD Method

What's Included...?

  • Notebook in Courses
  • Linked View of Courses in The Dashboard
  • Easy Navigation of Pages in Mobile Mode
  • Notes and Reminders in the Dashboard
  • Resolutions
  • Archive your Previous Blocks/Pages without putting it in the Trash
  • Manage your Finances + Conversion Table

...and many more!

Who will mostly benefit from this?

  • Elementary, Middle School, and High School Students


Is this free?

  • Yes! Totally, no strings attached.

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