6 Project Management Excel Templates to Use in 2021

As a project manager, your expertise and experience’s hallmark lies in your skill of managing projects. You have a lot to contend with as you have to think about budgets, employees’ performance working on the project, etc. Also, your decision-making must be fast, effective, and responsive. While this seems a lot for an average human, you are already armed with the right, well oiled means of collecting all necessary data that will let you stay on top of your game as a project manager.

You already have Excel, and you are bossing it. You can take your excel game further this 2021 by having ready, excel project management templates that will help you follow your projects no matter the projects’ size. These templates want you to stay in the loop and not lose track of any essential project item. These templates will help you plan, schedule, manage resources, assess, give out a task, and create the perfect strategy to utilize all your strengths.

Using templates isn’t new in a business. Templates provide a way of getting ahead and accomplishing more. In 2021, there are 6 project management excel templates you could use to excel in your project management.

What is Project Management?

A project is taking steps to achieve an objective or a specific result. Project management involves using professional knowledge, methods, skills, and experience to guide a project’s path into attaining its stated goals. Project management involves certain stages. They are;

  • The initiation of the project
  • The planning of the project
  • Executing the Project
  • Assessing project performance
  • Project completion

The necessity of a Project Management

Project management is necessary as it allows the following;

  • Planning and scheduling
  • Efficient use of resources
  • Boosting employee morale through feedbacks
  • Boosts employee collaboration
  • Cost control through effective budgeting

6 Project Management Excel Templates

1.Gantt Chart Template

When you are looking out to try a template, try Gantt chart template. This template allows you to see, at a go, your task scheduling and their occurrence during the project. Admittedly Gant can be challenging to create from scratch in Excel, but with this already created template, it becomes a walk in the park. This chart has collaborative features, which, when you optimize with your project management and planning software, you get real-time results. Thus, you can picture a timeframe for completing your project.

2.Status Report Template

Your project management skills rest on how fast you can get on top of things. You wouldn’t be able to do this if you lack the data that will inform you of what is going on in the project. Your ability to monitor resources and their effectiveness is what sets you apart from your mates. For instance, if your project revolves around essay writing services, you would want to know how your team members are doing with their tasks and progress.

This Excel status report template can help you sharpen your project managing game and allow you to have excellent project communications with your team. The Excel status report template will help improve communication between you, your colleagues, and your superiors during presentations. Your colleagues and managers would understand your points faster.

3.Action Plan Template

This template gives you an edge in strategic planning as it aids strategy implementation. This template allows you to put down your ideas on how to execute your project. This Excel project management template will enable you to prioritize tasks, factor in your timeline for project completion and tour resources. It also has features that allow real-time project progress monitoring.

4.Risk Management Template

There is always a risk factor in executing a project, and this Excel project management template will help you with risk assessment, anticipation, and countering. This template allows you to be fazed by project risks as it will enable you to enumerate all the likely risks your experience and creativity as a project manager mind can think of. It also allows you to match a chance with someone capable of dealing with it in your team.

5.Project Budget Template

Everyone has ideas and fantastic plans. The world would have been a greater place if these ideas can be translated to reality. Unfortunately, this isn’t so as not everyone has the financial resources to put life to their plans. The same goemas for a project. A project can have a good plan, but you might not be put into action without the proper financial capacity to apportion costs. Nothing can be achieved without finances. This is why the Excel project budget template is crucial.

The Excel project budget template can allow you to plan and manage your finances and resources wisely. It will enable you to track your expenses from the start of the project to completion. The template comes with a color-coded feature that can help your see when you are green with cash and when you are literally in the red.

6.PM Dashboard Template

The Excel PM Dashboard template allows you to see at a single place everything that has to do with your project. The template will enable you to be in total control as you can track projects, completion status, task management, budget, areas that need specific improvement, etc. It allows you to build charts and graphs necessary for keeping track of your project.

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