20+ Free Company Overview Presentation Templates & Examples 2023

The company overview presentation is one of the most important slideshows for your business and company. It is like a cv, outlining goals, achievements, teams, products, and services. It’s essential for building the first impression with your clients or partners.

Creating a company profile presentation from scratch is never an easy task. As a startup business owner or CEO, you must consider many aspects before you create it, such as the goal you want to achieve, the style and colors that match your brand and products, the needs and expectations of your target customers.

If you don’t know how to present a company profile in PowerPoint, today we reviewed a collection of the best free company profile templates for PowerPoint and Google Slides, to help you create an effective company profile for your business. Check them out below and use them to create a stunning presentation.

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Best Free Company Overview Presentation

1. Cyan Free Business Overview Google Slides Template (64 Slides)

Cyan Free Business Presentation Template (64 Slides)
Cyan Free Business Presentation Template (64 Slides), 3462 downloads

This business overview presentation template is a clean and modern design with vivid colors, giving the impression of vigor and vitality to your clients. It comes with 64 unique slides, contains everything you need to create a comprehensive corporate overview presentation.


2. Healthy Food – Food Company Overview Slide Template (34 Slides)

Free Healthy Food PowerPoint Template (34 Slides)
Free Healthy Food PowerPoint Template (34 Slides), 11699 downloads

The Healthy Food template is designed for food-related companies, such as restaurants, fast food, food delivery, baking, vegetable business. It uses green as the main color, symbolizing health and freshness. It’s not overly designed, only focusing on your content and brand.


3. MAMAYU – Elegant Company Overview Pitch Deck (20 Slides)

MAMAYU – Elegant Lookbook Powerpoint Template (20 Slides)
MAMAYU – Elegant Lookbook Powerpoint Template (20 Slides), 4796 downloads

An elegant ppt template for crafting professional company profiles and lookbooks. This template comes with 20 different page designs that you can customize however you like. Image placeholder, device mockup, and the editable map will help you create slides easily.


4. Seattle – Free Startup Profile Presentation Template (15 Slides)

Seattle - Free Startup Powerpoint Template (15 Slides)
Seattle – Free Startup Powerpoint Template (15 Slides), 3499 downloads

Seattle is an overview presentation template for a fashion brand startup or clothing store. Seattle comes with 15 retro design slides, which will help you stand out from other brands.


5. Redco – Modern Corporate Overview Presentation Theme (10 Slides)

Redco Free Business Powerpoint Template
Redco Free Business Powerpoint Template, 2397 downloads

Redco Corporate Overview Presentation Theme comes with 10 unique slides, can be used as a foundation to create your own presentation.


6. Neon – Beauty Company Profile Presentation (10 Slides)

Neon PowerPoint Template Free Sample
Neon PowerPoint Template Free Sample, 1300 downloads

Neon is a minimal company profile presentation template for the beauty industry, makeup companies. It features 10 unique slides, can be easily customized to your preference using PowerPoint or Google Slides.


7. BAKERY – Free Company Overview Slides for Bakery Start-ups (15 Slides)

BAKERY PowerPoint Template Free Download (15 Pages)
BAKERY PowerPoint Template Free Download (15 Pages), 2327 downloads

Try this free company overview ppt template for your bakery store. This 15 pages slides will present your sweet but healthy food to everyone, and obtain new investment from potential investors.


8. B&D – Multipurpose Company Profile Presentation Template (61 Slides)

B&D Business PPT Template
B&D Business PPT Template, 681 downloads

This 61 pages company profile presentation template will help you make a comprehensive profile presentation for your company. It is suited for any business, such as food, software, furniture, shopping center.


9. Modern Business Overview Presentation Template (120 Slides)

Modern Business Presentation Template (120 Slides)
Modern Business Presentation Template (120 Slides), 3134 downloads

Use this PowerPoint template to create company profiles for modern companies, brands, and corporate businesses. It features 50+ page layouts, 45+ infographic slides, and 20 icons slides.


10. BUSINESS 2021 – Animated corporate overview presentation (11 Slides)

Free Business 2021 Animated Presentation
Free Business 2021 Animated Presentation, 1655 downloads

Create powerful and professional company overview slides with this striking design in just a few minutes instead of hours. BUSINESS 2021 comes with 114 unique animated slides, thanks to MNML Agency, you can download a free sample of it, including 11 slides.


11. Swedish – Free Creative Agency Overview Presentation Template (10 Slides)

Swedish Free Presentation Template
Swedish Free Presentation Template, 3572 downloads

Swedish is a retro company overview PowerPoint template for creative agencies. It comes with 10 unique slides.


12. Advertising Business Agency Overview Slide Theme (20 Slides)

Advertising Business Agency Free PPT Theme
Advertising Business Agency Free PPT Theme, 1133 downloads

Advertising is designed for a business agency overview project, it comes with all the features you need to showcase your business. The template is easy to use and has a modern design.


13. Socialcloud – Social Media Company Overview Presentation Template (70 Slides)

Socialcloud Cloud Computing PowerPoint Design
Socialcloud Cloud Computing PowerPoint Design, 2942 downloads

Socialcloud is a presentation template that offers users a clean and modern design. The template is perfect for social media agencies or Internet advertising companies.


14. Minimal Pitch Deck (24 Slides)

Minimal Pitch Deck PowerPoint Template
Minimal Pitch Deck PowerPoint Template, 1895 downloads

Minimal Pitch Deck is a great choice for anyone who wants to show lots of pictures in their slideshow. This template provides 14 photo album slides for displaying photos.


15. Minimal Company Overview Presentation (44 Slides)

Business Minimal PowerPoint Presentation
Business Minimal PowerPoint Presentation, 6715 downloads

Minimal Presentation is a free PowerPoint template that was designed to help you create a successful corporate overview presentation. The template is easy to use and features 40+ slides. With Minimal Presentation, you can create a slide that looks professional and helps you reach your business goals.


16. Epsilon Free Powerpoint Template (50 Slides)

Epsilon Free Powerpoint Template
Epsilon Free Powerpoint Template, 2321 downloads

This excellent PowerPoint template will definitely leave a good impression on your audience. Epsilon comes with 50 creative slides and endless customization possibilities. Epsilon not only can be used for company overview presentations but also used for personal projects.


17. Elevation Company Overview Presentation Template Free Download (20 Slides)

Preview of  Elevation Company Profile Presentation Template
Elevation Company Overview Presentation Template

The Elevation is an elegant profile presentation for making company overview slides. This template comes with 20 unique slides with master slide layout and drag-drop image relace features.

Free Download

18. Creatif – Creative Business Overview PowerPoint Template (44 Slides)

Preview of Creatif Creative Business Overview PowerPoint Template
Creatif Creative Business Overview PowerPoint Template

Creatif is an excellent PowerPoint template for crafting a business overview presentation. It includes 44 creative slides detailing the business stories, team, service, testimonial, portfolio, and more. It also provides some useful infographics such as mockups, timelines, swot analyses, contact us, and 300+ icons.

Free Download

19. Build Creative PowerPoint template (106 Slides)

Screenshot of Build Creative PowerPoint template
Build Creative PowerPoint template

Build Creative is a minimal multipurpose business PowerPoint template that comes with 100+ unique slides. It can be used for many purposes like a business plan, marketing, including company profiles.

Free Download

20. The Circle Minimal Presentation PowerPoint template (81 Slides)

Screenshot of The Circle Minimal Presentation PowerPoint template
The Circle Minimal Presentation PowerPoint template

The Circle template features a clean and minimal design, making it a great choice for creating a company overview presentation or business profile presentation. This free ppt template comes with 81 unique slides with place holder feature.

Free Download

21. Creative Agency PowerPoint template (40 Slides)

Creative Agency PowerPoint template

Creative Agency PowerPoint template is another one of the top business PowerPoint templates on our list. The template is simple and creative. You get 40 PowerPoint presentation slides here. It’s one of the best company overview PPT templates for an agency profile presentation.

Free Download

22. Agoda Business PowerPoint template (30 Slides)

Agoda Business PowerPoint template

Save days of presentation work by using this PowerPoint business overview template. The AGODA PPT template comes with 30 unique content slides. It has a modern, minimal and professional design. Try it if you’ve been looking to make the best presentation for your startup.

Free Download

23. Simplicite – Business Overview PowerPoint Template (30 Slides)

Business Overview PowerPoint Template

Looking for a minimal PowerPoint template? This is definitely one of the best templates for PowerPoint. It’s a multipurpose template for any kind of business, portfolio, startup, or pitch deck. With this download you’ll get 30+ total slides and 300+ icons. It’s super easy to add your own photos with picture placeholders.

Free Download

24. Unlock – Creative Business Presentation PowerPoint template (15 Slides)

Unlock Creative Business Presentation PowerPoint template 1

Check out this aesthetic PowerPoint template. It’s a multipurpose template that can be used for any kind of business or creative purpose. You’ll get 15 easy-to-edit slides in 16:9 ratio. Just drag and drop your content.

Free Download

25. SILLEYE- Free Google Slide Presentation Template (19 Slides)

silleye free google slide presentation template 177394 original

The SILLEYE presentation template is designed with creatives in mind. Company overview presentations like this one are perfect for creative agencies. With bold color splashes and dark backgrounds, SILLEYE captures attention. It features 19 custom slides.

Free Download

26. Facile Business PowerPoint Presentation (31 Slides)

Facile Business PowerPoint Presentation

The Facile theme is a free PowerPoint template featuring a stylishly modern design. It comes with 30+ Unique Custom Slides. It is ideal for creative industry profile presentations.

Free Download

27. Macari – Free Company Profile PowerPoint Template (39 Slides, Google Slides/PowerPoint)

Macari – Free Company Profile PowerPoint Template

Macari is a minimalist company profile presentation template. It comes with bold colors that make your content more readable. It includes 30+ unique slides with editable vector icons and charts.

Free Download

28. Company Profile – Free GraphyPix Presentation Template (16 Slides)

Free GraphyPix Presentation Template

A minimal company profile presentation template features 16 unique slides and smooth animation.

Free Download

This concludes our list of the Best Free Company Overview Presentations.

Depending on your business, you may not need to include everything in your presentation, you can use one company overview presentation template mentioned above as a foundation, and copy slides from our other free ppt templates.

If you have the budget, paid templates are also a good option, premium templates usually have a more polished design. Here are some premium company overview templates ready for you.

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Premium Company Overview Templates

Elegant Company Profile Presentation Template

Elegant Company Profile Presentation Template

This premium presentation template features a minimal and elegant design layout. You can use this template for a company profile, marketing kit, or other purposes.


  • 20-page slides
  • App supported PowerPoint and keynote
  • Artboard size 1920×1080

Interio Company Profile Template (InDesign/PowerPoint/Keynote)

Interio Company Profile

If you’re looking for a company profile template with a minimalist design and vertical layout, then you’ll find it in the Interio Company Profile template.  A total of 20 unique A4-size slides are ready to print. Grab this and create an impressive company profile presentation in a short time! This design is available in InDesign, PowerPoint, and Keynote format.

In addition, we thought the following templates might be helpful for you:

Or you can download more templates from our PowerPoint template Gallery and infographic collection.

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