The Ultimate Guide for Creating a Professional Resume

The process of landing your dream job starts with the task of building a professional resume. You may not pay much attention to building a compelling resume, but it should be noted that it serves as a cornerstone for your path of hunting for your desired job. You may ask, “Why should I put my effort into building a professional resume while there are a lot of other phases in the hiring process?”. The answer to this question is when you start the quest of hunting for your dream job; you are up against many other aspirants as well. Your resume works at the forefront for you in such a quest. If you fail to make a great impression with the help of your resume, you may not make it to the next phase of the hiring process. Hence, you need to make sure you have a professional resume that is tailor-made for the job you are applying for and is capable of setting you apart from the rest of the applicants.

We will discuss a few effective methods of creating a professional resume that is capable of showing you as an obvious fit for the opening and compel the recruiter to select you for the next phase of the hiring process. Read on to know more details about the process of creating a professional resume.

Jot Down All the Information You Want on Your Resume

Before you start building your resume, you need to figure out what you are going to write on it. To avoid confusion, you can simply write down all the information you want on your resume before making a resume. However, before you start writing the information on a paper, it is necessary to understand what the recruiter wants from a perfect employee. You can figure out these details by reading the job ad thoroughly. Once you have gone through the whole job advertisement, you will understand what kind of skills and experience the recruiter wants from an ideal employee. After understanding these requirements, you will be able to jot down things that relate to those requirements and then enlist the same things on your resume to show yourself as an obvious fit.

Adhere to Above the Fold Approach

Make sure you are enlisting all the important information like skills and experience on the above 1/3rd of the page. Your contact details, skills, and experience in the relative field are more important for a recruiter as compared to your academic record. In marketing speak, the “above the fold” approach is the element a person can see at the very first glance. This approach is quite effective, which is why you will see the resume templates offered by a resume builder stating skills and experience right above the page. Your resume should be capable of grabbing the attention of a recruiter at the very first glance. This is only possible when you make sure that everything important in a particular recruiter’s eye is mentioned in the above 1/3rd of the page. If you follow this approach while creating your resume, your resume will look highly professional. You will also make it to the next phase of the hiring process without taking too much time for recruiters. Otherwise, they might have to spend some time digging up your resume for the information they need.  

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Select the Right Format!

Are you going to use a word processor like Microsoft Word for this purpose? If yes, then you are doing wrong. You may ask, “why?” the answer is simple, it will take a lot of time and effort. Additionally, as soon as you make a little modification to the existing content, the whole layout gets messed up. How to avoid such a waste of effort? The answer is using a reliable online resume maker for this purpose. It will not only provide you with a wide variety of resume templates but also save you from wasting your valuable time. All you have to do is search for a resume builder online and simply choose a template from several templates offered by the tool. Moreover, you will find editing tools on an advanced resume maker that assist you in editing the picked template. Simply fill up all the required fields, and your resume will be ready, thanks to the resume builder.

Proofread the Content of Your Resume Again and Again

This job is very important; you are done creating the resume using a resume builder, it is time to make sure that it is free of any mistakes. How will you do that? The answer is obvious; proofread it. Make sure you take some time to proofread the content of your resume thoroughly. Failing to do so might leave a minor mistake; however, that minor mistake will create a huge difference when it is spotted by a recruiter. Hence, you need to make sure that you have proofread the resume again and again before submitting it.

Final Words!

A professional resume can assist you in the quest of hunting for your dream job effectively. The best way to build a professional resume is using a minimal template offered by a resume builder online. Moreover, you need to make sure that you have proofread the content of your resume, again and again, to make sure that it is free of any mistakes. If you work on these tips and others given above, we are sure you will be able to land your ideal job.

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