Library of Science and Medical Illustrations

Library of Science and Medical Illustrations

Scientific studies demonstrate that we recall about 10% of oral communicated information after 3 days. 

That is scary isn’t it? Only 10% of what you say will be remembered.

But there is good news too: if you complement your oral information with visuals, the retention rate increases to 65% and more.

Of course, the visuals have to be relevant and clear. They have to truly complement what you are saying.

For many scientists, teachers and students that is exactly the problem. It is not an easy task to generate all the time effective visuals.

It takes a lot of time – that we don’t have

It takes skill – that not everybody has

It takes discipline and willpower to create a professional style

To help you and make the process of effective science communication easier for you we’ve created this library of science and medical illustrations. It is especially built to facilitate easy generation of visual content for the scientific community.

It consists of a collection of ready-to-use science illustrations in 5 different color schemes. 

All images have a transparent background, that allows easy integration in, for example, Powerpoint presentations. 

This tool is meant to help scientists, teachers and students to create easy to understand figures for posters and/or presentations without losing their valuable time. This improves their communication skills and interaction with students and other members of the scientific community.

The library also includes several ready-to-use Powerpoint slides optimized for clear and effective communication. We maximized the signal to noise ratio in these slides to convey a message in the most effective way.


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