9 Best Neumorphic Icon Pack 2021

Looking for the Best Neumorphic Icon Pack for your presentation, website, iPhone, or other design? You have landed in the right place!

Here you will find the best neumorphic icon pack, free and premium.

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Best Neumorphic Icon Pack

Soft Icon Pack – iOS 14 – 15

Soft Icon Pack – iOS 14 – 15, Create by Andrei Simion

Soft Icon Pack is an elegant free icon set for both iPhone and iPad, it contains 100+ icons of native and popular apps and has a continuous lifetime updates.

Most importantly, it’s free!

Icons: 100+

Price: Free

The Neumorphic Icon Collection

This gorgeous Neumorphic Icon Pack is created to help you make a iPhone homescreen setup worth drooling over. It comes in color ranges such as the cute pastel pink, red, blue, yellow and midnight shine.

This icon pack contains 70+ Icons for popular apps like AirBnb, Amazon, App Store, Calendar, Camera, Chrome, Youtube, Zoom…and have a free & regular updates.

Icons: 70+

Price: Premium

3D Fintech Icon Collection

3D Fintech Icon Collection, Create by Polar Vectors

3D Fintech Icon Collection is a colorful neumorphic icon pack, contains 50 Fintech (Cryptocurrency, Finance and Technology) Icons.

All icons are provided as PNG raster images saved separately. It also provide Ai vector file.

Icons: 50+

Price: Premium

iOS 14 Custom Neumorphic Home Icons

iOS 14 Custom Neumorphic Home Icons, Create by Delightful Design

OS 14 Custom Neumorphic Home Icons are a minimal neumorphic icon set for iOS 14 home screen customization. You can use this elegant icon set make your iPhone have a custom aesthetic.

iOS 14 provides 100+ pixel-perfect icons with a dark neumorphic look. it has square and round style to choose.

Icons: 100+

Price: Premium

iOS 14 Premium Home Screen Icons

iOS 14 Premium Home Screen Icons, Create by Totora Studio

iOS 14 Premium Home Screen Icons pack has all the basic iOS apps and the most popular apps such as TikTok, Slack, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Netflix, and so on.

This icon set has a Neumorphic design look, provides 40+ icons, and has 3 color pattern, red, gray, and blue.

Icons: 40+

Price: Premium

Volcanic Dreams iOS 14 icons set

Volcanic Dreams iOs 14 icons set, Create by Pixelin Studio

Volcanic Dreams iOS 14 icons set is an amazing icon set of 60 neumorphism style icons for iOS14 iPhone.

This icon set has a minimalistic and trendy design which will make your iPhone extremely beautiful like a volcanic eruption.

Icons: 60+

Price: Premium

Neumorphism in UI: Free Icon Set

Create by Agente

Neumorphism Icon Set is a set of neumorphic icons for e-commerce. This set consists of 20 most popular e-commerce icons that come in black and white colors.

Icons: 20

Price: Free

iOS 14 Neumorphic Icons & Wallpaper

iOS 14 Neumorphic Icons & Wallpaper

iOS 14 Neumorphic Icons & Wallpaper is a smooth set of wallpapers and custom app icons. It contains dark and light color themes that match Widgetsmith background colors.

Icons: 220 (110 x 2 themes)

Price: Premium

Figma Neumorphism’ish icon set (18 icons)

Figma Neumorphism’ish icon set, Create by Vova Tsurkan

Figma Neumorphism’ish icon set consist of 18 unique icons with two color pattern.

It’s free.

Icons: 18

Price: Free

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