Things You Can Consider Before You Shoot A Testimonial Video

Things You Can Consider Before You Shoot A Testimonial Video

A testimonial video grabs the viewers and shoves your product into their faces. Isn’t that a bit too much? Think about the competition waiting out there and then answer this – Would you like to sit in the stands and watch or do you want to play the game? Your product becomes the automatic choice for the people out there watching their television because of one thing. They saw your video testimonial and they liked what they saw.

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Top Tips to Follow

To keep things wonderful for the viewers, you must follow three or four important things. They make or break your market niche, so pay attention:

  1. Keep the video short and crisp.
  2. Use good lighting and quality equipment.
  3. Make it authentic and interesting.
  4. Use the rule of thirds.

If all this looks like too much trouble, consider using a professional video maker to shoot your testimonial video. They have experience and high-quality equipment. So, your advertisement will look good and have a polished appearance.

Improve the Quality of the Film

That said, trim the film to remove unwanted shaky parts in them and those that wander away from the subject. Have a smooth flow by making a script but don’t have those involved read it. It is better to keep the sequence natural. Have you seen a B-grade movie? In it, the picture looks worn and faded out, the actors don’t seem to know what they do.

Check the quality of the equipment.

To avoid this, use good equipment and have someone who knows what to do handle the camera. Keep the lighting on the sets bright but avoid the shadows. Use props for this and intersperse it with proper movement (such as a child walking around, a customer placing an order, and so on) so that the feel is natural. When the camera and film are good, the audience will feel like watching the video until the end.

Introduce natural elements.

Have the presenter speak about where he is from and what he does. Pick an ordinary person who favors your brand because the audience will look for flaws and pounce on anything that sounds unnatural. You could introduce a dog or a child in the presentation and get the attention of the television viewers. Do not prolong the presentation, the attention span of an average person is about 2-5 seconds. Keep the ideas flowing fast with interesting turns.

Get a Director to Write a Script

Try to make a story that will make the viewer wonder what will happen next. Get local color so the audience identifies with them. Make the presenter show the problem he faced and how the product solved this shortcoming. For instance, he might have had problems going to work on time, and buying a vehicle helped him. Begin with the introduction and show how an ordinary person undergoes hardship.

Now, build interest by showing how the person is from the same locality as the viewer. Outline the problems he faces when he travels by bus. And then, bring it on that buying a vehicle is the best thing. The climax will match with the interest of the audience so they will suggest the answer.

Keep the Focus Clear

And remember the rule of thirds. Divide your screen into thirds so you have nine sections. Align the subject on one of these lines. This will bring the attention of the viewer to the subject fast. Have one or two dummy runs before you do the actual shoot. All the while, keep the subject on the line as you move the camera around. Also, maintain the light aspect so the subject doesn’t appear dark and there aren’t many shadows. Now, it is time to begin the shoot!

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Aleksi Halsas, CMO at Trustmary offers a customer and employee testimonials that create appealing content to engage the readers all around the world. To boost the marketing and sales with high-quality video testimonials is the author’s keen desire.

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