Top 6 AI Tools for Designers to Try in 2023

The buzz surrounding AI is no surprise, given the impressive work of ChatGPT in blog writing and MidJourney in creating award-winning artwork. This new era of digital tools has the potential to shape our future and impact various industries, including design.

Graphic designers and artists are now able to express their creativity in more unique ways and at a faster pace with the help of AI-powered design tools. In this article, we’ll explore the top 6 AI graphic design tools that are pushing creative boundaries.

Top 6 AI Design Tools for Designers

Canva AI Image Generator (text to Image)

Canva AI Image Generator

The Canva AI Image Generator is created to produce images based on your descriptions. With Canva text to image, you can create stunning images for your blog or social media profile by entering a description. You can also choose from various style and aspect ratio options, such as watercolor and filmic, to enhance your creations.

Key features of Canva AI Image Generator:

  • The images you create using Canva’s AI Text to Image generator can be used for any lawful purpose, whether for personal or commercial projects;
  • 10+ style options: photo, vibrant, minimalist, neon, filmic, playful, 3D, retrowave, dreamy, anime, watercolor, ink print, etc;
  • Aspect ratio options: square, landscape, portrait.

Canva AI Image Generator price: free



Getimg.Ai offers a comprehensive range of image-generation tools that are fully integrated. With Getimg.Ai, you have the ability to produce unique images, extend the boundaries of your pictures, manipulate images using solely text, and even build a personalized AI model.

Getimg.Ai price: As a user, you have the option to produce up to 100 images every month at no cost. You can also upgrade to the premium plan from $12/month for 3000 images

icons8 AI background Remover

icons8 AI background Remover

icons8 AI background Remover is an AI-driven graphic design tool that detects the subject of the photo, masks the image, and removes the background. It is especially useful for images with clearly defined subjects.

icons8 AI background Remover price: You can remove the backgrounds from 3 images for free. Premium plan includes priority processing, email support, and 60 day storage.

More AI photo tools by Icons8:

More AI background remover:

  • BgSub: Automatically replace the background by AI
  • removebg: Remove image background, multiple languages supported
  • Opticlean: cleanup your picture in seconds (Mac only)



GENERATED PHOTOS allows users to use over two millions model photos generated completely by AI. It also allows you to create a unique person with your parameters or photo.

GENERATED PHOTOS price: you can use 2 millions low-res generated photos for free. However, you will need to upgrade to the premium plan for $19.99/mo to unlock more features.

Upscayl (Open source AI image upscaler)


Looking for a way to enhance the resolution of your images? Upscayl could be the answer. This desktop application is both free and open source, and it uses advanced AI models to upscale low resolution images. While Upscayl does prioritize Linux builds, it’s also available on other platforms.

Supported platform: MacOS, Linux, Windows



Booltool is an all-in-one, AI-powered content creation toolkit that lets you edit images and videos right from your browser. You can use it to edit photos and enhance videos in one place without the need to download and switch between different platforms.

Image tools from Booltool:

  • Portrait Background Remover
  • Object Background Remover
  • Object Eraser
  • Image Enhancer
  • Photo Filters and Effects
  • Image Resizer
  • Image Compressor
  • Photo Animation Effects
  • Background Blur

Booltool price: it has a free plan, or you can upgrade to the pro plan for $7.99/month.


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