Become an Author at TemplateMonster Digital Marketplace & Enjoy Multiple Rewards

TemplateMonster digital marketplace is one of the best platforms where authors can join and start making money while doing the things they like. The platform welcomes everyone to register and sell website templates, graphics, plugins, audio, video, and 3D designs to an audience of more than 2 million customers. So, suppose you are a web designer, web design studio or feel enthusiastic about turning your hobby into a new profession. In that case, you can go ahead and start submitting your web design assets for review in the TemplateMonster marketplace.  


Back to the Roots

TemplateMonster wasn’t launched as a digital marketplace. The company started as a small web design studio in 2002. At the beginning, the team was making custom websites for customers located in the USA in most cases. However, as time passed and the design studio started to gain more customer requests, they needed to try another business model. So, they decided to start working with ready-made designs, which we know as website templates. It helped the web design studio to speed up the workflow significantly. It also let them reconsider their business model and transform into a website selling website templates to the web community. TemplateMonster was the first company to sell web themes, with the first HTML templates being added to the company’s collection in 2003. Years passed and the inventory was enriched with cool eCommerce items, WordPress themes, and many other types of web design assets, making it so much easier to create websites in the modern-day age.

The company continued to grow bigger and became one of the leading web themes for all types of CMS and eCommerce platforms. They started to receive requests from other web design agencies and webmasters who also wanted to join and sell at TemplateMonster. As the number of such requests continued to grow, the decision was made to transform TemplateMonster to the digital marketplace. It happened in 2017, and now the company continues to welcome more creative professional and web design agencies to register and sell to millions of TemplateMonster customers.  

Today, TemplateMonster is known as one of the biggest digital marketplaces featuring a collection of about 90,000 website templates, graphics, plugins, and other items that will come in handy to you during the website creation. 

The company saw both rises and falls during the 18 years since its launch. The following chronology perfectly shows how the company evolved from a small web design agency to one of the largest digital marketplaces on the modern-day web. 

2002. TemplateMonster was launched.

2003. The company became the leading provider of HTML templates.

2003. TemplateMonster Affiliate Program was introduced.

2004. The first eCommerce template was added to the TemplateMonster inventory.

2005. MonsterPost Blog launched & TemplateMonster reached the 10K templates milestone.

2006. The era of WordPress themes started at TemplateMonster.

2008. TemplateMonster reached the 20K templates milestone.

2010. 30K templates milestone was reached.

2014. The company launched localized versions of the TemplateMonster website (RU, DE, ES).

2017. TemplateMonster became a Digital Marketplace.

2018. TemplateMonster Studio was introduced.

2019. TemplateMonster ONE Membership was launched.

2020. More than 20K products from Independent Authors were added to the TemplateMonster digital marketplace.

In 2021, the marketplace features more than 90,000 quality web designs submitted by more than 5,300 authors. The inventory grows bigger with new types and categories of products being added to the marketplace. At TemplateMonster, you can find professional WordPress themes, eCommerce templates, ready-to-go web design products compatible with popular CMS and presentations software, along with plugins, graphics, audio, video, 3D, and other solutions apt for different topics and purposes. 

Besides selling products independently in the marketplace, authors can add items to the ONE by TemplateMonster. ONE is an ever-growing collection of web design assets needed for quick and flawless website creation. There are over 65,000 products included in ONE. The collection grows better weekly, with thousands of new products being submitted by authors. The subscription has a free plan and several premium subscription options. 


Join TemplateMonster Digital Marketplace

Every web design agency, freelancer, or a creative web designer can become an author in the TemplateMonster digital marketplace. The platform welcomes you to join and start selling website templates, graphics, audio, video, 3D, plugins, and other types of web design assets. You can also submit to review new types of products, thus initiating a new category of items in the marketplace. Recently, 3D, audio and video became available for public access. 

It’s beneficial for authors to join and sell at TemplateMonster for many reasons. The marketplace lets you sell exclusive and non-exclusive items at the same time. You can also rely on professional assistance from the TemplateMonster team whenever you need help while submitting new items or promoting your products. Besides, the marketplace has recently added the possibility for the authors of Shopify and OpenCart themes to set author-driven prices, thus letting them decide at what cost their products will be sold in the marketplace. The cost may start from $29 to $999. In the TemplateMonster marketplace, the recommended Shopify Themes’ pricing is $118 – $160 per item; the average price is $139. As for OpenCart Themes’ Pricing, the price range is $67 – $91; the average recommended price is $91. Every author can decide on their templates’ pricing. 

Depending on what type of products you sell, your commission can make up 50%-65% from selling exclusive products, and 40%-65% from non-exclusive items. The commission from selling exclusive items also depends on the sales volume – the more you sell, the more you earn. If your sales volume is $0-$500, you earn a 50% commission, whereas $70,000+ sales volume brings you a 65% income.

Important notice: 

Authors of graphics earn a 65% commission from selling exclusive and non-exclusive items. 

Join TemplateMonster Digital Marketplace

TemplateMonster Affiliate Program

Everyone looking for additional sources of income can join TemplateMonster affiliate program. It’s a great opportunity for authors to earn up to 95% from every sale of their digital assets (65% of author commission and 30% affiliate commission for the first unique order placed by a customer via a referral link). 

While becoming an affiliate partner, authors can benefit from multiple free affiliate tools. It includes ready-made posts, promotional banners, landing pages, and everything else that you need to achieve a wider exposure for your products. The affiliate program features a transparent payment system supporting such popular payment systems as PayPal, Bank/Wire Transfer, and WebMoney. It takes up to 5-10 business days after the request to process the payment. Every affiliate partner can also track sales via a personal account in the affiliate program. Whenever you need help, you can get in touch with an affiliate manager for a consultation. 

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Benefits Don’t End There

There are multiple rewards and benefits for every member who becomes an author in the TemplateMonster digital marketplace. 

  • You become a community member, featuring more than 5,300 authors selling over 90,000 quality web design assets.  
  • Your products become available to more than 2 million customers.
  • You can submit items matching such web themes, plugins, presentation templates, graphics, 3D, audio files, and video assets. 
  • TemplateMonster authors can sell in the digital marketplace or feature their items in the ONE Membership. 
  • The review team carefully checks every digital asset submitted by authors. If needed, they suggest you the changes that should be done to make your item match the marketplace’s requirements.
  • You can also refer other authors to the marketplace and earn additional commission. 

In a word, there are limitless opportunities for authors to make more money in the marketplace. Become an author now and enjoy the rewards. 

Bottom Line

TemplateMonster digital marketplace in the #1 source of quality web design assets for millions of web design fans worldwide. It’s also a growing community of authors that welcomes web design professionals to join and start selling in the marketplace. The platform offers a growing collection of digital products in such categories as web themes, graphics, plugins, 3D designs, audio and video assets. One author can sell exclusive and non-exclusive items at the same time and earn as much as 65% from every sale. There is also an opportunity to generate more income by joining the TemplateMonster affiliate program. In a word, there are many ways to make money, achieve a wider exposure for your works, improve your skills, and become a well-known author selling cool web design stuff at TemplateMonster. 

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