6 Best AI Image Enlarger In 2024

Are you a designer looking for the best Ai Image Enlarger? Our extensive review is all you need.

We have shared the best AI tools for designers before, and in this article, we will share the best Ai Image Enlarger (or image quality enhancer, image upscaler, photo quality enhancer) for designers.

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Best Ai Image Enlarger In 2024

1. waifu2x (Online/Free)

A screnshot of waifu2x - An experimental in-browser version of waifu2x

waifu2x is a free and convenient online AI image enlargement tool, which can perform 1x/2x/4x enlargement and noise reduction on images. Waifu2x operates directly on your web browser, without the need to upload images to a remote server. The image processing speed is very fast, you can download it by clicking download after completion.

2. Bigjpg AI Image Enlarger (Online/Windows/Mac/iOS Android/Free/Paid)

A Screenshot of Bigjpg AI Image Enlarger

Bigjpg is an AI image magnification tool that can be used online or as a local program for download. It does a good job of zooming in on anime and illustration images. When using it for free, you can upload images within 3000*3000px and 5MB, support 2 times and 4 times magnification, and you can choose noise reduction.

Pricing: There’s a free plan for 20 pictures per month, paid plans start at $6 for 2 months and up to 500 pictures per month.

3. Clipdrop Image Upscaler (online/Free/Paid)

Clipdrop Image Upscaler

Clipdrop is an image processing website that offers a free Image Upscaler tool for enlarging images up to 6000*6000px with fast processing speed.

Pricing: Clipdrop Image Upscaler is free to use. Premium plans start at 7 SGD per month and offer unlimited use, with the ability to enlarge up to x16.

4. Imglarger & Anime Upscaler (Online/Free/login required)


AI. Image Enlarger provides two ai image tools: Image Enlarger and AI Anime16K.

With Image Enlarger, you have the ability to enhance image resolution by up to 400%.

The AI Anime Upscaler is a tool that can enhance anime images up to 4x their original resolution. It is a reliable and convenient alternative to the popular waifu2x.

Pricing: AI. Image Enlarger is free to use. You need to create an account to get 20 free credits per month. The paid plan starts at $4.9 per month for 100 credits.

5. Upscayl (macOS/Linux/Windows/Free)


Upscayl is a very powerful local image magnification tool, which uses AI technology to achieve 4 times and 16 times lossless magnification of pictures. It supports importing JPG, PNG, BMP, TIFF, and other formats, and can output PNG, JPG, and WEBP; supports batch processing of pictures. Upscayl can be used for free and unlimited as a local program.

6. imageupscaler (online/Free/Paid)


AI Upscaling uses a deep learning CNN (convolutional neural network) to upscale low-resolution images and produce sharper edges, scruffier hair, and striking clarity. The tool can resize images up to four times without compromising image quality. Unlike traditional upscaling, AI upscaling software sharpens images and eliminates undesirable grains and noises. Whether you are uploading an image or video on a website or social media, this AI upscaling tool ensures high-impact outcomes and a brighter, more realistic outlook.

The Best AI Image Enlarger at a Glance

Ai Image EnlargerSupported PlatformsMax Enlarging RatioFree Plan
Bigjpg AI Image EnlargerWeb/Windows/Mac/iOS AndroidFree plan: 4x
Premium plan: 16x
Clipdrop Image UpscalerWebFree plan: 2x
Premium plan: 16x
Imglarger & Anime UpscalerWebFree plan: 4x
Premium plan: 8x

I hope you found the best AI tool to enlarge images. Let us know which one you chose in the comments below and why.

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