Getting Your Effective Business Speech Ready: What to Know and How to Use Templates for Presentation?

An excellent business presentation is something bigger than an ordinary combination of imagery and animations. It needs to be a complementary piece to your speech that does not turn out to be a distraction.

Without a doubt, dozens of text lines, low-quality images, and old-fashioned design stop from delivering your message at its best. Especially when you are presenting in front of potential customers, managers, investors, and other significant people. For this reason, taking care of the crucial presentation aspects is essential if you want to be a confident, professional, and credible speaker.

Today, we are going to speak about several factors that allow delivering an incredible presentation. Let us understand what these ways to make the whole audience memorize you.

If you do not want to work on all of these aspects in particular, you can always take advantage of the templates for presentation. These are ready-to-use choices for Keynote, PowerPoint, and Google Slides. Thanks to them, the preparation process will include adding your content to these well-organized layouts.

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How to Start Your Business Presentation to Motivate Everyone to Listen?

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Wasting time speaking about silly details, giving thanks and apologies, and muttering will perplex your audience. In other words, it would be better to come up with the proper opener that everyone can call attention-grabbing. In our opinion, the following ways to begin your business presentation can be perfect.

Tell a story.

It is possible to present a business-related occurrence that can arouse interest in your listeners. In addition to this, you can share the story you have heard from your mate, fable, or anecdote. In all of these cases, make sure that your story will be relevant to the overall business presentation. Try to understand what you want the audience to feel and learn after they get familiar with it.

Ask a rhetorical question.

Rhetorical questions are your assistants in persuading your listeners. Without a doubt, people are not going to stand up and answer them one by one. However, if you deliver them well, all the listeners will start thinking and, as a result, believe in your speaker position.

Share unexpected statistics or powerful quotes.

Both statistics and quotes by famous people assure people of listening carefully and responding positively to your speech. Statistics can surprise people with their numbers. Quotes can be thought-provoking. Some people might not agree with them. Anyway, it will be possible to engage your audience.

Take advantage of the visual aids.

Thanks to pictures, videos, and other visual content, you have the freedom to make the message more remarkable. They also appeal to the imagination and make people remember your words.

How to Deliver Your Presentation in the Most Engaging Manner?

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It is no doubt that many presenters might find it horrible to stay in the front of the big room crowded with dozens of listeners. Everything can be more comfortable if you are familiar with people who are looking at you. However, when it comes to investors, company leaders, and other important businessmen, it might be complicated to get excellent content delivery. Below, we have gathered a few pieces of advice that can help you to influence the audience.

Try to speak slowly. 

Talking a blue streak is the worst way of presenting your business or brand. Slow delivery enables emphasizing the necessary points and makes it easier for people to digest.

Make pauses.

Gabbling does not give the audience a chance to perceive the presented pieces of information. They cannot understand which details you consider to be crucial and which ones not. Pauses are useful if you want to highlight some points during the speech.

Choose three key focal points.

It seems to us that staring at one person during the whole presentation will be creepy. It is also ineffective because it will seem that you are communicating only with him or her. Before the presentation, look around the room and find three focal points. Typically, these should be in the center, left, and right.

Speak with different intonations.

If you do not want to sound like your teacher from the primary school who seemed to sleep during the lesson, it is better to modulate. Lower and raise your voice when you consider it to be right.

Do not forget about business-friendly humor.

Making your audience sit with stone-cold faces is not right too. Adding a few jokes that will make them smile and relax after listening to the set of information will be superb. However, there is no need to turn your presentation into a comedy movie or stand-up.

Interact with your listeners.

Involving your audience in the discussion will also make it engaged. After introducing yourself, it is possible to ask them a few questions and receive feedback. Anyway, you should speak the biggest period, not them.

How to Create a Remarkable Business Profile in Your Presentation?

Your presentation allows putting forward all the data connected with your business, mission, achievements, and other details everyone should know. Remember the following pieces of advice while crafting your presentation to get your potential customers and investors interested.

Take care of the title slide.

Without a doubt, you need to present the basic business information on the first slide. These can be a company name, its address, email, phone number, and other essential things. Then, do not make a mistake by standing in front of your audience and reading all these details aloud.

Try to be chronological.

Without a doubt, no one can stop you from getting creative. However, many people expect you to deliver your business overview in the chronological order. This format is better than jumping from the middle to the beginning and from the end to the middle.

Introduce your services and products.

If you present your services or products from the perspective of the business owner, it will be wrong. Focus on the demands and wishes of your customers. As an example, you can introduce the problem and show how your business can solve them.

Do not forget to mention your team.

There is no need to talk about your team for hours. However, skipping this point might make your business untrustworthy. Introduce your team members and explain how they help to implement all the ideas into life.

How to Design Your Presentation? And How Can High-Quality Presentation Templates Help You?

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A visually-attractive presentation appearance empowers to hold attention and enables people to perceive your content quicker. Below, you are going to see a few pieces of advice explained in several words. However, the picture shows better. For this reason, we have included examples of bad and desirable slide examples.

Image Source:

Image Source:–cms-25421

Image Source:

Limit the number of text lines on your slide.


too much text


too much

Image Source:

Do not use outdated and tasteless animation effects.


tasteless animations


tasteless animations

Image Source:

Choose the right color scheme based on the spectrum.


color scheme


bad color scheme

Image Source:

Keep your presentation simple and minimalist.





Image Source:

Take advantage of high-quality imagery and graphics.




bad images

Image Source:

Use infographics, including charts, graphs, and other elements.




bad infographics

Image Source:

Do not over-format your text.

over formatting

Image Source:

Turn to different templates for presentation.

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How to Make Your Audience More Interested in the Business?

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To increase the value of your business, you can make a compelling offer to your listeners. As an example, we can think of the following variants to include in your presentation.

  1. Give a discount on your services or products.
  2. Provide them with risk-free offers. These can be a free trial, money-back guarantee, and others. In other words, people who are not familiar with your business are more likely to rely on your services.
  3. Gladden the audience with bonuses or gifts. As an example, you can think of something useful like e-books, online courses, and other choices.
  4. Inspire people with additional resources to learn. At the end of your presentation, write a list with movies, books, courses, and other relevant resources that allow getting familiar with more exciting content.



Image Source:


bad offer

Image Source:

By the way, we should mention the importance of having your company website. You can make everyone interested in your presentation, gifts, discounts, and other things. However, many people need to check the business online-project before choosing its services or products. Nowadays, it is impossible to run a successful business if it does not have proper online-presence. As an example, you can turn to various website builders. One of them is MotoCMS. It is a perfect match for those who are not very good at programming. Thanks to its drag-and-drop functionality, working with code is not necessary.

What are Other Points to Remember When Preparing Your Business Presentation?

  1. First of all, you do not need to panic if something goes wrong during your presentation. Be ready for the light to turn off. In this case, you need to prepare handouts that will solve all your problems.
  2. It is also crucial to remember that every device has its color rendering. Moreover, every computer has its screen resolution. It is also possible that it has the software version different from the one you have used to get your presentation ready. As you can understand, it is impossible to predict how the business presentation will change its appearance. For this reason, make sure to check everything beforehand.

A Few Words in Conclusion

Giving presentations is not the best friend of every person. Without a doubt, it is a common thing when it comes to workplaces, conferences, and different types of meetings. Delivering a presentation in the best possible light is a chance to connect with others and showcase your business in the best possible light. For this reason, taking care of every aspect can help you to establish your brand. You need to motivate, engage, and make everyone notice your business during the time given for your presentation. Keep in mind all of these pieces of advice and take advantage of templates for presentation to stand out from the crowd. We hope that you will manage to make the desired impression on your audience. Thanks for reading!

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