How to Select and Use Fonts on Presentation Slides

If we go back a few decades, the business presentation was all about using physical media, but now things have changed to a great extent. One needs to create stirring presentation slides to impress their clients and audience. Creating the slides is an Art that wows.

For whatever purpose you are making the slides, you have to take care of many things to make them eye-catchy, and above all, fonts play an essential role in such regard. The slides you make for the presentation should reflect your professionalism, and choosing the right font is the crucial element of professionalism.

Select and Use Fonts on Presentation Slides

The audience for whom you are making those slides should be able to read and understand the context written on it, and it can only be possible when you have got your hands on the right fonts. If you are a newbie and don’t know how to make attractive presentation slides, this guide is for you.

I will explain those essential points that would help you select and use the right fonts for your next presentation slides. Let’s move forward and explain each point comprehensively.

1- Font Size

Whatever font you chose for the slides, never take the font size for granted. A good and appropriate font size makes the content readable and understandable. If people cannot understand what you have written on the slides, your presentation won’t be successful.

Hence make sure whatever size you are choosing should be feasible to your audience of every age group. Fonts and readability go hand in hand, and when we talk about readability, it automatically means a perfect font size. So always go for that font that looks clear even from a distance.

For this purpose, experiment with fonts, and the one you think is the most feasible, go for it. It is the first essential tip that you should consider before making presentation slides.

2- Font Type

The most fun part about making presentation slides is choosing what font you will select to make your slides class apart. This process is not as easy as it seems because your slides’ success depends on this factor. Many people get confused here that which font to pick and which to ignore.

Hence, in such a case, go for 2 main categories of fonts, i.e., Serif font and Sans-Serif font. Each font category depicts a particular feeling and mood; once you know which font represents which mood, it will be easy for you to make a selection according to your slide’s topic but mostly designers have found the impact font as their favorite font for slides as it always seems a suitable choice for most of the slide topics and you can easily use any other sans-serif font along with it.

Now you have finally selected on which side you will go, proceed to the next point.

3- Never Loose Consistency

The most significant problem often seen in presentation slides is lack of consistency. When you keep changing fonts repeatedly in the slides, it will distract the reader’s attention, and they are likely to lose all interest. Hence to keep the reader engaged with your slides, be consistent with the fonts.

One of the best ways to keep consistency is to select 1 font for the heading, 1 for the subheading, and 1 font for the text body. Furthermore, whatever font you have chosen for the title should not be used for the text body, and whatever font you have selected for the text body should not be used for the title.

It will look odd and will have a bad impact on the user’s mind. It is another essential tip that needs to be considered to create appealing presentation slides.

4- Include Different Contrast

It takes many factors to make perfect presentation slides finally, and one of them is adding different contrasts to make the slides worth appreciating. Though it is always good to go for white and black text as it makes the text easily understandable and readable, there is no harm in adding different visuals.

Whatever font you have selected and whatever size you have chosen, adding visuals will always add the readability level, and people would be more engaged with your slides. How about going for light background and dark text or dark background and light text? These changes will surely make a big difference.

Once you have applied different contracts, make sure to check it on monitor screens or projectors before delivering.

5- Be Limited with Font Numbers

Have you ever gone through slides that contain too many fonts, and it suddenly made you frustrated? Yes, it happens when you don’t take care of the number of fonts added in a single slide. Be limited to the number of fonts and don’t exceed the limit because it will look odd and confuse the reader.

To solve the confusion, follow a simple rule. Use 1 font for the headings and 1 for the subheadings, while the 3rd one should be picked for the body text. However, make sure all the 3 fonts complement each other; otherwise, it will give your slides a bad touch. It is the simplest rule that will help you to make the best slides.

6- Avoid Using CAPS everywhere

The slides that contain CAPS everywhere put a bad impression on the viewer’s mind. Hence always avoid using such fonts containing CAPS letters because the letter written with CAPS is hard to read compared to others.

Furthermore, it distracts the flow of the reader when it suddenly appears on the screen. These are the small issues that make a big difference if neglected. Hence, they need to be considered on time to avoid future issues. Use the letter in CAPS wherever needed.


Business meetings and presentations have revolutionized with time, and now fonts play an essential role in making the presentation slides. In order to make the best slides, you need to take care of various factors, and the most important one is to understand how to use fonts appropriately.

I have enlisted those essential points in this guide that should be considered the next time you make the slides. Take notes from this guide and make the best and professional slides and surprise your clients and audience. I hope this guide will be helpful to you in the future.

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