12 Top PowerPoint Templates for a Successful Presentation

PowerPoint is a great presentation tool. It has a huge amount of features and you can use it for various types of projects. You can present your business plan or make your lecture more effective. And all you need is a laptop and a projector.

You can use PowerPoint products for various purposes:

  • It is obvious that PowerPoint presentations are a great tool for educational purposes. It benefits both students and teachers. With a well-developed presentation, you can highlight the most important information. You can provide information both for visual and audial perception. Moreover, it is possible to fit a whole chapter in one slide. By the way, one more way to create engaging educational presentations is to take advantage of Google slides templates.
  • PowerPoint will be useful for business too. It is a simple and effective way to present business plans, financial reports, marketing strategies and so on. This is the least boring way to deliver information. Moreover, you can make an accent on numbers, which are easier to percept visually.
  • Your PowerPoint Presentation may be your portfolio. It is an especially valuable feature if you are looking for a new job and wish to add something notable to boost your CV.
  • You can also use PowerPoint to present your product catalog. For example, if you have a furniture online store it will be a good idea to provide customers with additional options and tell more about your products.

Though it is easy to use PowerPoint presentations it may be hard to create a good presentation. There are many rules and you have to follow them if you want to make your presentation easy to understand and read. Moreover, your presentation must be properly designed. You need an eye-catchy design that highlights the most important parts of your lecture or business report. It is also important to create a suitable design specially for your upcoming presentation. In some cases, you need a clean presentation made in corporative tones. It is a great choice for financial reports and business plans. On the other hand, colorful and decorated PowerPoint presentations are more preferable when it comes to school lessons. You should also learn how to sign your presentation properly. And how to fill your slides with important information and get rid of redundant elements.

All these rules may differ from one case to another. This is why it takes some time and effort to create a good presentation for a specific purpose. And it is important to create a PowerPoint presentation perfectly suitable for you. This is why developers from TemplateMonster spent their time creating many unique PowerPoint templates. It is a great way to save your time and effort. Moreover, all templates have top-notch design and you can use them to deliver any type of information. However, it may also take some time to find suitable for your purpose PowerPoint template. And this is why we present you this list of best PowerPoint Templates for a Successful Presentation. It includes professionally developed Template Monster PowerPoint products with eye-catching design and well-developed structure. Moreover, you can edit these templates to insert your content or change the design. You can use graphics, insert images, customize a color scheme and so on.

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Top PowerPoint Templates for a Successful Presentation

Pitch Deck


Get inspired by one of the most effective PowerPoint presentation templates. You are free to tell your story using zooms and smooth animations. In addition to this, it suits multiple topics, including travel, media, business, and others.

Main Features:

  • 210+ pre-designed slides;
  • maps of 220 countries;
  • 17 color schemes;
  • drag-and-drop pictures;
  • extra picture placeholders.

2018 Pitch Deck


This impressive variant is going to fulfill all the requirements of business and corporate clients. It is fully-editable and allows customizing all possible elements.

Main Features:

  • 230+ unique and modern slides;
  • 12 additional color options;
  • ideal for wide-screens.

Business Pack


It is even more than an ordinary template. It is a huge collection of slides, graphics, diagrams, and many other marvelous components. This variant meets the purposes of all people who have something to do with creativity, finances, technology, and other topics.

Main Features:

  • simple PowerPoint slides (190 slides);
  • varied PowerPoint slides (200 slides);
  • 340 creative slides;
  • one-click change for colors;
  • portfolio and map sections.

Online Marketing

Details | Download for Free in ONE

In order to present your marketing plan in the best possible light, grab this engaging template. All shapes and elements are fully-editable. You can easily customize slides and create unlimited variations.

Main Features:

  • 97 slides;
  • 160+ color options;
  • campaign features and schedule;
  • devices and strategy slides;
  • introduction and services.


Details | Download for Free in ONE

If you are looking for powerful business PowerPoint presentation themes, take a look at this impressive variant. It is divided into several categories. These include opening slides, our team, services, portfolio, and many others.

Main Features:

  • drag-and-drop images;
  • easy color change;
  • focus on typography and usability;
  • multipurpose design;
  • infographics.


Details | Download for Free in ONE

This high-quality template allows emphasizing your content without any efforts. It is focused on delivering your pieces of information at their best. Furthermore, the package includes charts, graphs, and infographics.

Main Features:

  • 2080 slides;
  • 8 pre-made color schemes;
  • vector and smart objects;
  • company profile and overview;
  • portfolio slides.

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Infographic Presentation

Details | Download for Free in ONE

Take your business presentation to the next level using this stunning template. You are free to customize different elements in one single click.

Main Features:

  • 100 unique slides;
  • diagrams and maps;
  • infographics and charts;
  • devices mock-ups;
  • changeable colors.

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Power Edge


A professionally-looking presentation template that can be called a totally complete solution. You do not need to have any special training or additional tools to make changes in your design.

Main Features:

  • 225 flexible slides;
  • 16 pre-made colors;
  • easy-editable content;
  • one-click image addition;
  • free fonts.


Details | Download for Free in ONE

Omar is a minimalist and modern template that allows completing your presentation in a minimum amount of time. It comes together with all the necessary key features.

Main Features:

  • 35 creative slides;
  • unlimited color variations;
  • easy-editable content;
  • business slides;
  • vector objects.

Complete Business


Present all the details of your business together with this wonderful template. Both small and big companies will be able to talk about themselves and catch the attention of the target audience.

Main Features:

  • 150 slides;
  • 160 colors;
  • diagrams;
  • problem and market analysis;
  • competitors, social networks, and pricing plans.

Entorum – Business PowerPoint template

Details | Download for Free in ONE

Entorum business powerpoint template – crafted to impress

Create powerful presentations of your business growth, showcase results in flexible diagrams and charts, with Entorum template for business.

The templates are designed for PowerPoint, and will help you create:

  • detailed presentations of business services;
  • startup business plan presentations;
  • business pitch presentation;
  • timelines and progress charts;
  • slides aimed at storytelling.

As you can understand, there is no need to invest lots of time into preparing your presentation. It is possible to drive your point to the audience using a quite effective and well-organized PowerPoint template. Now, you can skip all the work connected with designing your presentation from scratch. It is better to add your specific content to the pre-designed slides. As a result, you can get everything ready in a jiffy. Sounds like something great, is not it? Anyway, you can always make some changes and make a presentation match your vision. It should not be something difficult. Thanks for reading!

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