How to Download Canva Presentation as PowerPoint PPT

As one of the best online presentation software, more and more people use canvas to create presentations, but PowerPoint is the more general presentation software. Sometimes you need to export slides from Canva to PowerPoint, here is how to do that.

Download Canva presentation template as PPT

canva template

If you want to download a Canva presentation template, you need to make a copy first, log in and click [Customize this template], then you can edit or download a template.

How to download Canva presentation as ppt?

Total Time: 1 minute

  1. Edit your presentation

    Edit your Canva presentation

    Canva presentation

  2. Go to the share menu located in the upper right corner

    Canva share

    Canva share

  3. Choose more

    canva share more[share] > [More]
  4. Scroll down, and choose [Save] > [Microsoft PowerPoint]

    Save Microsoft PowerPoint[Save] > [Microsoft PowerPoint]
  5. Click [Download]

    Download Canva presentation

    Download your design as a Microsoft PowerPoint document.

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